A system of learning and improvement in the discipline of ANR, creating a community of athletes in which to compete, share and extract best practices.



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What is

My Anr is a platfform to learn and improve your skills as a pilot and navigator, using Air Navigation Races air sport discipline.

We want offer a complete services and tools porfolio in orther to learn all about my-anr.

Our training platform give you a opportunity to train in the same scenarios and similar path of official championships. Foremore you can share your data with others members, be a part of one of us rankings and compare your skills and win some prizes.

With your plane or simulator. Using our IOS & Android app you'll register your flights to evaluate later. If you're ussing a flight simulator, install our plugging to register your flight to do it.

Foremore we want to give you access to multimedia information and tricks from best pilots to learn to prepare your maps, inprove like navigator...

Flight with your plane

After registering and validating your access, you will be able to use our training platform. Our system not only gives you access to test your skills in different challenges from many airfields, but also gives you the opportunity to design your challenges and share them with all users.

Schedule your flight

Remember that the ANR discipline requires competing without instruments, just your chronograph, compass and map. Thus, you must schedule your flights, print its map, working over it before take-off.

  1. Go to "Flight Management" menu option.
  2. Select button "Schedule flight"
  3. Select your country and after updating the list of airfields, select one. It is important to select your cruising speed because your evaluation will depend on this value.
  4. Once the airfield is selected, the platform offers you a list of predefined flight challenges. Each element informs about the distance, level, notes and allows you to see the map of the challenge route. Select one from the list and click the "Save" button.
  5. Your flight list will be updated and this flying challenge will appear in your app.

Ussing your app

To record your flight data (time and positions) you need to use our application (IOS and Android)

  1. Once you sign up, the app shows you a list of flights scheduled and not flown or flown but not sent to the platform.
  2. If the flight has already been made, two options appear: one to send your data to the platform, another to delete your recorded data and try to fly again. If you didn't fly it, you can start your flight.
  3. After selecting the "Start" button, a new screen appears. The screen informs you about the parameters of this challenge, space on your device to store positions and your time. When you are ready to take off on the runway, select "take off" and the timer will start.
  4. At any time you can cancel this flight and start again, or end your flight after landing.

When you submit your flight details to the platform, they disappear from the list of scheduled flights in your app and you can evaluate them on the website.

Flight with your simulator

If you want to fly with your MS Flight Simulator, you must also schedule your flight as described above.

Ussing MS Flight Simulator

To register your flight in MFS you must use our plugin. This app does not require any installation. It is self-contained and does not make any changes to the system.

  1. Download zip file ANRVirtualSimVars.zip from here
  2. Unzip the file to the path on your hard drive that seems convenient to you. There is no specification of where it has to be saved. In your unzipped folder you can find executable ANRVirtualSimVars.exe.
  3. Start your MFS and then your application. After that, a terminal window will open. Our application will detect that MSF has been started and will require a race code and you must always specify "00". This application is also used in championships, where the organizing committee will give you a specific code to participate.
  4. As soon as you have entered the code, it begins to capture your data, which can be read both in the console and in the top bar of the window.
  5. Terminal window and console will offer information about state of your flight.

    At the moment when it is detected that the plane has sufficient speed and has no contact with the ground, it is considered to have taken off and will display the following information:
    Take off at: hh:mm:ss - hh:mm:ss
    and in your console:
    [plane Identification] - Manga: 00 Takeoff detected. Recording starts in the file [full file address].vanr
    Restart Chrono
    Adjusting takeoff to the second can be difficult when practicing ANR. To make this easier, you can reset the stopwatch in the app so you can set it when you arrive at the boarding gate. Remember that your first recorded time will be used as the takeoff time for the evaluation.
    Every second counts!!
    To do this you just have to press the "r" key. At that moment the message in the window bar changes to:
    > Stopwatch reset. The recording starts in the file [full address of the new file].vanr
    The moment you touch the ground, no matter the vertical speed or if you are crashing, the application detects the landing and indicates it like this:
    > Landing detected.If you are no longer flying, you can close the console.
    At this point, the generated *.vanr* file is stored and closed. If you take off again, or restart the flight, or set up a new flight, the application starts the cycle again with the registration and flight from the beginning.

    If you made a mistake when entering the initial data, as in the Manga edition, close the application by closing the console on the X in the upper right corner; Open the application again and enter the correct data.

Evaluate your flights

If you are using our app, once the data is sent to the platform, the flight can be evaluated. If you have used the MFS you will have to associate the .vanr file that contains your positions with the flight you made. To do this you must select "import positions" button from list, and choose "import virtual anr".

At that moment you must select the file and send it.Each item on your flight list may be in a different state and the options offered to you may change.

Get access

To have access to our platform you must register in the form that you will find on various pages on the site.

Once access is requested, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not confirm your subscription you will not be able to access the platform.

In the subscription process you must make the annual payment for the service. The payment period is from January to January.

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