A system of learning and improvement in the discipline of ANR, creating a community of athletes in which to compete, share and extract best practices.



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My Anr is a platform focussed to created a pilot and navigator network in order to learn and share experience to inprove its air skills. Platform is supported by Logg for Sport, a project property of Kiko de Carlos Espinosa. Logg for Sport offer several services to sail and air sports.

The website my-anr.com and our Android & IOS apps use third party services, for the sole reason of improving the reliability and user experience of our services. However, at no time is sensitive data being shared with or distributed to third parties.

This privacy policy covers all services offered by Logg for Sport, (commercial trademark of Federico de Carlos Espinosa) based in Pontevedra, Spain – in the following referred to as “we”. It is supposed to inform you about the personal information we collect about you while you are using our services and how this information is being used and protected.

We will not use or share your information with anyone except as described by this privacy policy.


Identifiable Information

When you use our apps, we ask you to register some personal data. This is done to ensure fair use of our services. For this purpose, it is necessary to permanently store these data on our servers, together with the date our servers were contacted. We will not share your data with any third party.

Our platform offer tools and information to inprove your capabilities. To get access to enjoy them, is necesary to pay and annual fee.

We don't renoval your platform membership and it is necessary to do so expressly at the beginning of each year ( January).

These paymets are processed by our payment platform, who will ask you to provide any necessary information. We do not get access to that information and will only be provided a confirmation of payment. This confirmation contains a unique transaction number and weather or not the payment was successful. We will then store the unique transaction number linked with your user on our servers.

Best practices are good way to improve. Your flights will be public shared when you participate in one of ours rankings. This information may be publish in several media places like other webs or our social profiles. Anycase we just publish data associated to yout flight and its score.

When you get in contact with us via email your personal information, including your email address and the content of the email, will be processed by our email service provider.

Anonymous Information

We want to inprove our plataform, giving you access to weather data, flight charts ... These data is downloaded from servers like the US National Weather Service and other entities. Therefore needs to be provided with the ID of the weather stations for which you want to download the weather data. When using the optional “near-by weather stations” functionality location of your challeges/trainings will be sent to the same servers, as well. At no time is any sensitive data being sent to anyone. However, they might log your IP address whenever the app is contacting their servers.

When you access any of our services we may automatically collect anonymous bug reports in case an error occurs. Additionally, we may ask you to opt-in to automatically collect certain anonymous information, commonly referred to as “log data”. We use this data to better understand how users use our services and how to improve their user experience and reliability. For example, we learn for which screen sizes we should optimize our apps, to which languages we should translate them and which features need to be improved or fixed to ensure a reliable, intuitive and flawless user experience. We do not and will never try to cross-reference or link this data with any personally identifiable information.

To collect, monitor and analyze this type of information we employ the third-party services. The anonymous information that may be collected are the type of device, the operating system and Crash Traces (i.e. the lines of code which were executed just before the crash happened).

Furthermore, some of our apps access data which is stored on Google and Apple servers and which can be downloaded to the user’s device. Although that data is not sensitives, it is not accessible publicly.

Data Protection

The security of your data is very important to us. Therefore, we strive to employ state-of-the-art and industry-standard means to protect them, including encrypted data transfer and storage.

Your personally identifiable data is stored protected servers in UE. Access to those servers is physically restricted to a limited number of persons of which only those with special permissions are able to access the data. Anyone with access to your data is required to keep the information confidential. Although we – just as anyone else – cannot guarantee total security of your data we will always act in accordance with the relevant Spanish and EU legislation.

Because we are based in Spain, your personally identifiable data will be transferred to Spain and therefore possibly to a different jurisdiction than yours, in case you are based outside of Spain.

External services

Anonymous data processed by other companies like Google Firebase may be transferred to and processed in Data Centers located in other countries, allways in accordance with certifications under the EU – U.S. Privacy Shield Framework.

The same way, we use services, like Google Analytics, from other companies to follow platform activity and be proactive to prevent problems. Sometime, this services required use cookies. You can disabled its storage but your app could be not working right.


My Anr encompasses a set of services and tools.

Information Services has a several tools to monitoring its activity and detect any incidence or abnormal procedure. Although we cannot guarantee uptime or guarantee against errors on the site, we'll do its best to have the highest possible service level for its services based on the conditions we can offer. By other hand, our contents are suppied by pilots and other collaborators. We revised all contens before publish it, but sometime failed. Please let us know any problem to acelerate its resolve ussing info@

Other Aspects & Contact


We do not address anyone under the age of 13 (“children”) with our services. Therefore, we do not knowingly collect any personal information of children. In case we are aware of any personal data of a child under the age of 13 which was provided to us, we will take any necessary step to remove that data from our servers.


This privacy policy might be updated from time to time. Any changes will be published at the same location at which you received this version. In case of substantial changes we will take further measures, like in-app notifications or sending an email, to notify you.


You agree, that for any disputes arising from this privacy policy, which cannot be settled amicably, Spanish courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy or our services or your rights to data portability and data erasure, feel free to contact us: info@logg4sport.com